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What do sports people do during time of quarantine?

Since we live in the time of quarantine, many people ask the question: what do sports people do at this time, how do they live and what do they do? Alice is a professional tennis player and she decided to help several of her friends to organize and discipline their life during quarantine. Her friends liked this meeting so much that they invited other athletes for the next meeting and today this group has grown to 25 female athletes who are members of national teams in various sports - football, tennis, boxing, floorball. Who now study the principles of an orderly life and how to apply it immediately in practice during quarantine. Today they decided to start another online group, as there are too many comers. 


The Basketball Academy focuses on the development of professional athletes and it is a large basketball academy in Moldova. It is very difficult and challenging to keep in touch with all the teams that are part of this large academy, but the leaders and coaches of the Basketball Academy are very creative and continue to develop teams even during quarantine. They started to provide challenges for players, giving them different drills and practice plans, so that they could practice it at home. Also they started the #Challenge - one challenge per week, and the winner receives basketball as a present from the Basketball Academy.Each of their teams has their physical preparation program and players are staying accountable on that together with the coaches. According to Moritz Maurer, chief executive officer of the esports data platform, there will be roughly 55,000 professional esports competitions this year in the major titles, an average of more than 1,000 a week. ESports Platform: Houston sport facilitation team have started to utilize the E-Sport Platform (video games) during this time of isolation and lockdowns. The number of people playing video games has been increasing steadily for the past few years, but during the coronavirus the numbers have been increasing rapidly. This team utilizes a streaming platform, Twitch, to connect with other gamers and allowing them to ask any life questions that they might have. We have realized that since people are behind the screen, they feel more comfortable asking questions. Vladimir Sheremet from Volgograd, Russia, is a terrific guy and an excellent family man with two children. He works as security man in a parking lot for cars. He has a little problem, he can only move on crutches, since his legs do not move since birth. Despite this, he is a world champion and an 8-time champion of Russia in bench press among the disabled. Now he is preparing for a new challenge in December, the World Bench Press Championship will be held in Sweden and he is preparing to defend his title.