Serving People
"Never say never because limits, like fears, are often just an illusion."
Michael Jordan
Ukrainian Refugees
After years of sports community projects, we have incredible partners across Ukraine and around the borders who have organized and opened their homes, centers, sports clubs and more to care for people who have fled their homes due to the war. Sports Catalyst and partners in Ukraine prepared weeks ahead of the war, and have set up a Command Help Center, Info Center, Transportation, Welcome Team, Financial Center and 119 Help Centers. After welcome in the Help Centers, housing in Europe is located and provided to the refugees. As of April 11, this partnership has been able to rescue and help 281,000 people. You have the privilege of serving these refugees with

Our projects
It is hard to find a village or island where there is no sports or play. In most of the world's cities, towns, and villages, sports is the language that is understood, experienced, and enjoyed. We are not limited to those projects but want to highlight them so you can feel the movement.
We know the significant influence a coach has on players' lives. We train coaches in character and competence, which influence others and provides an incredible opportunity in each specific sport.
Whole Life Coaching
Whole life coaching powerfully connects a simple sports activity to everyday life, to help young sports players grow into the people they want to be. It integrates sport holistically with spiritual, social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development.
Fast-growing news sports
More young people are interested in playing new types of sports such as floorball, disc golf, the ultimate frisbee, dodge ball, etc. We help countries to bring these new sports to their community as first coaches, or club owners, or presidents of federations. It creates a competitive advantage to leverage fast-growing news ports to access people's networks.
Community Cup
It is a sports tournament to connect people of the same segment or ethnic group into meaningful communities. It can be Community Cup of banks, or universities, or police departments. It can also be a Cup of Nations that brings together immigrants or refugees in the hub cities.
Sports Festivals
We live in a broken world where communities are disconnected. This project is an excellent opportunity to create an environment for the district to come together, celebrate, play, and discover the needs of each other. It is done around the time of major sports events that bring excitement to the community.
Health and Fitness
Health and Fitness is the foundation of all sport and reaches across all ages and abilities. Health and Fitness is the development of the physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing of an individual or a group. We serve those who are seeking positive changes as well as fitness instructors who want to make a difference.