Andriy's Story
Karabin Camp, in collaboration with the Alphabet of Life Charitable Foundation and Camp Good News, orchestrated a journey to the United States for 22 children who had endured the traumas of war.
Andriy's idyllic life with his loving family in the village of Sofiivka, Chernihiv region, was shattered by the onset of a full-scale Russian invasion. Fleeing the war, Andriy's family, along with relatives, embarked on a fateful journey to Kyiv in two cars.

Their path intersected with a massive Russian convoy, leading to a devastating encounter. A Russian tank deliberately rammed their car, instantly killing Andriy's father and mother. Andriy, miraculously surviving, was pulled from the wreckage and interrogated by Russian soldiers and left on the side of the road.
Witnessing the horror unfold, Andriy's relatives in the second car were shot and their car was burned.

Rescued by local villagers, Andriy was rushed to the hospital, where he began his long road to recovery. Eventually, he found refuge with his sister Tatyana, and together they began to rebuild their lives in Kyiv.

Andriy's life has been marked by unspeakable trauma and loss, yet he is emerging as a resilient and compassionate young man.
His trip to the USA provided a much-needed respite from the horrors of war, offering him a glimpse of hope and a chance to experience a different world.

Despite the unimaginable challenges he has faced, Andriy's spirit remains strong, and Karabin camp continues to provide him with the care and support he needs to thrive.
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