• 7.1 million
    people are displaced inside the country itself.
  • 4.4 million
    refugees have departed Ukraine for neighboring European countries
  • 119 help centers
    Are serving over 12,000 daily with food, basic needs, psychological support,
    hygiene, education classes for school children online, scripture reading,
    and housing. 281,000 served as of April 1st has worked in Ukraine and surrounding nations since 2007 with long term partnerships and thousands of leaders in 218 locations. This has been assisted by the 2012 European Soccer Champions and PlusOne sports platform.

One month before the war began, this leadership team recognized the need to relocate wives and children to safety, plus get key leadership to safer places in western Ukraine. From day one, this team has had the physical, mental and spiritual capacity to serve.
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Every $ invested will go to support people in crisis.
Sports Catalyst doesn't need % or fee, but puts 100% of your funds into people's lives.
Help to sponsor a child
Now this partnership has a dream! What if this summer 100,000 kids-refugees will have the opportunity to attend a sports tournament, sports camp, or sports festival that will bring joy and faith in the future? The team has started to put together experienced leaders around the table to co-create a high-quality open-source program for this summer. In addition to the free participation, they also want to make a backpack with a ball, a Bible, and a school stationeries for the new school year.

$200 will help to sponsor 1 child
$1,000 will help to sponsor 5 children
$5,000 will help to sponsor 25 children
$10,000 will help to sponsor 50 children
How Can We Help Make A Life Saving Difference?
$20 funds a trip for 8 people from the border to a Help Center
$30 supports 1 family of 4 for a day
$50 covers transportation to host home
$100 helps cover host location utility bills or medical emergency kit
$200 supports 1 family of 4 for a week
$800 supports 1 family of 4 for a month
$1,600 supports 1 family of 4 for two months
$2,500 supports 1 family of 4 for three months

After years of sports community projects, we have incredible partners all across the country and around the borders who have opened homes, centers, sports clubs to love and care for people who lost everything.
You have a privilege to partner with them.
Sports Catalyst and partners are providing:
There is a fleet of 400 volunteer-driven cars for immediate evacuation of specific targets. In addition, 4 big 50-passengers buses, 2 Ambulance vehicles, and 15 large 20-passengers vans were purchased to increase the capacity of evacuation of those without transportation, primarily from war zone cities such as Kyiv, Nikolaev, Chernihiv, Kharkiv, Mariupol, and Zaporizhzhia. Going east these cars deliver food and medical aid to people who are trapped in bomb shelters. Going west, these cars evacuate people to the west part of Ukraine.

119 Help Centers are operating across 3 states of Ukraine in Khmelnitsky, Ternopil, and Zakarpattia, located in churches, gyms, offices, homes, and schools. Over 12,000 people pass through these centers every day receiving food and basic needs. 20 of them receive 100% financial and food assistance daily. 40 of them receive support every 3-4 days. The rest are regularly checked on and supported based on their need. For some Help Centers one time assistance is provided such as 2,000 sleeping bags and pads, 180 twin mattresses, 20 electric generators, 100 portable gas stoves, 500 water filters for 1,000,000L, and other essential items.

A well-organized distribution process is established from collecting and purchasing the aid in Europe, delivering it to Romania, sorting it, and moving it to storage in Ukraine and Moldova. The command help center contacts everyone on the list to find when and what they need. Volunteer drivers help to get it to the final destination. From there, volunteers on cars and foot go to apartments, basements, shelters to provide groups with supplies. Forty-four trucks delivered 584 tons of aid. 81,000 people received 7kg (15lb) food packages in Help Centers, 15 hospitals, distribution hubs, and partnering ministries locations. There is a capacity to receive 10 trucks / 40ft containers of 200 tons each day.

There are 31 Help Centers in Romania, Poland, and Moldova who provide temporary living for 30 days. Besides basic human needs for existence, there are teams of volunteers who provide sports, school, creativity, and discovery classes for children every day. There are trauma and stress healing groups for women and men.

The refugees are provided with a network of trusted housing in Western Europe: Italy, Germany, Latvia, Portugal, the Netherlands, etc. for up to 6 months.

The Media Center collects and broadcasts stories of hope and partnership of different organizations and individuals. Also it creates media products for BigBoards to promote messages of hope and stop messages of hate. There are 40 Big Boards that already serve this purpose.